We're here to lend a helping hand! Proudly the serving the Cortez and Durango CO areas Former uranium miners, millers, and haulers and nuclear weapons covered under the Energy Employee's Occupational Illness Compensation Program (EEOICP) are now eligible for in-home health care services through Guardian Angel Home Health. Former Uranium Miners, Millers, and Haulers
Who is Eligible?  Current and former DOE employees Current and former DOE contractors and subcontractors Atomic Weapons Employers (AWE) Beryllium Vendors (BV) Uranium miners, millers, and ore transporters who worked at facilities covered by Section 5 of RECA Certain family members of deceased workers
 Every client has the ability to have care provided by any EEOICP company of your choice, this does not effect your part E benefits. We also employ family members to be your primary caretaker, We provide competitive pay.
 $150,000 maximum compensation (radiogenic cancer, chronic beryllium disease, chronic silicosis) Medical benefits are available in addition to compensation Benefits Provided by Part B:
No monetary compensation for beryllium sensitivity, medical monitoring only
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